Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Parts of kits

I have just been working on this lovely little Betterley's kit for Les Roches.  Like the Pie Kitchen one I did over in The Gate House it has several items in it - all made to go with each other.

Also, like the kitchen kit it has made up beautifully and I am thrilled with the things I've done so far.

I will be buying both of these again to keep for any future projects and will just change colours/finishes to suit.

From this kit the dressing gown pattern will serve me well,forever, for coats, macs, more dressing gowns.  

unfinished tote - toothpick for scale

I can see a zillion ways to use the tote box - for a box of apples from the orchard, box of wood or kindling, box of knitting, sewing - all sorts.  

has a pretty back too

The screen could be adapted to so many situations and the slipper pattern and picture frames have endless uses.  

I just so wish you could buy the various components separately.  I do understand why not.  The Betterleys create whole worlds like Pickett Pond and these kits are there to help you complete the various vignettes needed.  I can't imagine they need to expand in any way as they must be run off their feet already with work.  I wonder if they know anyone who would like to run a 'side' business making or just selling their bits and bobs as smaller individual kits to quarter scalers like me who (much as I love their mini world creations) want to do their own thing.

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