Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The hall

This is the hall space with the stairs in place.  I can't furnish the back wall as I need a door through to the other half of the house that we can't see.  Remember this kit is just the front slice of a house that would have four rooms on each floor.  This door goes through to the large dining kitchen with space for a settee and comfy chair (family room) - pretty much the part of the house that gets lived in.  The two rooms we will see at the front will be the public rooms - the salon and the formal dining room.  Between these is the hall.

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As I said I doubt there is anything I can add to the hall in the way of furniture.  I would have liked a demi-lune and mirror but it isn't going to go in.  Something that might be possible is a small round table and large flower arrangement but I am not keen on that as it looks like a hotel lobby!

Basically I think all the work in this room is about getting a nice finish on the floors and walls and door so it is attractive in itself.

Right now I am for a black and white marble tiled floor on the diagonal - need to look some up for additional ideas.  I have gone back and forth between highly polished mahogany stairs which would be the easiest - hard coping with those brown edges - but I would prefer white stone.  Looking at any stairs with a wrought iron bannister they seem, mostly, to be set against marble or stone.

The doors could be brown wood but I will probably keep the whole thing light and stay with a soft white everywhere.

I am collecting pictures in the Reference file as I go along - click on the link on the left if you want a look at some thinking behind the rooms.


  1. Love the pictures in the reference file. You are giving this house lots of thought. My mini people have to access the rear of the house through the front rooms so I can decorate the hallway a bit. I'll be interested to see how you do the floors throughout.

    1. Needless to say - fretting hours in bed and I realised I could access each room from each room but then a door on the back wall cuts down furnishing again - so do I deprive myself of furniture in the rooms or the hall? Plus, upstairs, my story is the front left room is the bedroom and can therefore have a door direct to the bathroom (Jack & Jill access) and the other room is the study with the guest bedroom behind that, so I don't want guests having to come and go via the study - I am an incredible nit-picker about the house being actually right for me in my real life. So....round and round I go. Marilyn