Friday, 5 September 2014

The birth

This is the moment in a project where I totally understand children and Christmas.

The Maison arrived with my grocery about two minutes ago!  Well, not literally with my grocery - just delivered at the same time as my Tesco delivery.  Throw food in fridge and upstairs to open the important box.  Here she is......  why are houses in French masculine? - Le Petit Palais, Le Maison de Maître etc..... 

the display plinth

the stairs

2 sets of double doors

4 single doors

the Maison itself

Other than typing this I am behaving like the best behaved child of all time and putting it to one side. I have a stack of 'chores' which take priority and we are away tomorrow for a few days so I am hoping there will be enough left of today later on to check all the parts are there and maybe do a dry build.  I want it in that state so I can photograph it and do a lot of thinking about it.......  colours, paint, wallpaper, flooring, lighting.....  you know how it goes.

Like the Gate House, it won't get started properly until after next April.  Being in the States for six months is a double-edged sword - I am away from my beloved projects for six months but I am also in the land of 48ths with shopping opportunities at three good size shows.

At this size it is perfectly possible to carry things back and forth but it is like any project where you try to do it away from 'base' you always need/want the very tool or ribbon or bead that is three thousand miles away.  I have tried that before.

Very, very sadly this month I manage to miss two of my favourite shows (Stafford and Miniatura) as we are away for this first of them this weekend and we have visitors for the second one later in the month.  This also means I miss Petite Properties too but, as I said, I can't crack on with it any way, but I would have liked to see it in the flesh.  


  1. Welcome to the world of Petite Properties - I really envy you the opportunity you have of attending fairs in both the UK and the US, but it must be so very hard to be away from your minis for half the year. Good luck with your shopping for your projects in the US, I'm sure you will find some great things. Quarter scale is a wonderful adventure and I look forward to seeing how your Petit Palais develops next year.

  2. Thank you Sandra. I know how lucky I am and intend to scoop up as many shows as I can while I can. We may finish with the US for the winter this year so that will be pretty wretched in terms of quarter scale buying. Hey ho - if that's the worst thing that can happen to me I am doing better than OK. Dying to get stuck in on both projects. N ice to see someone in the comments box - I tend to get email contact so this was exciting. Marilyn