Thursday, 11 September 2014

What to do with 'seconds'

What do you do with something that needs to be thrown away but you made it and can't bear to do that?

I thought before I made any more things I ought to have a good look at what I have got and see if there is anything in the stuff I bought for the Gate House which isn't going to be used there and put it/them into a box for the Maison.

This is the result.......

The sum total of what I have to offer the new project are two decidedly flawed pieces.

The cat bench (I am pretty sure) had four legs when I took it out of the box.  I decided to rub it down a little on some paper to see if I could raise a sheen; then it only had three legs!  For the life of me I can't find the fourth and can't bear to throw it away just in case it 'turns up'.  How likely is that.  Indeed, I even devised a cunning plan to put it somewhere where I can prop it up a wall (to stop it falling over) and hope no-one notices!

If you want to see it in its full four-legged glory, you can see it being made over in the Gate House blog on 1st September (2014).

The other sad little chair was my very first quarter scale make and might be OK after a total refurb so that too is going in the box.  This is all getting a bit Room 101-ish. 

Ah well it is a start.

P.S. a couple of days later ......  if my husband had been born native American Indian he would have been called Man-who-finds-little-things.  He found the leg!


  1. Keep them for an attic someday - full of broken or cast-off pieces if you can't re-furb them.

    1. Brilliant! I will have the most stuffed attic ever! Seriously though - just proves - never throw anything away. Marilyn
      Thanks for commenting