Friday, 26 September 2014

The Dining Room

You are going to need a lot of imagination for this one...

If the fireplace went to the back as it should I wouldn't be able to get the connecting door in so that's decidedly a no-go for me.  Before really looking at the space I did think I could get the door in beside the fireplace - they do that sometimes (think Regency) but in reality it just won't go.  The fireplaces on the second floor will be small and plain but they need to be 'showy' in these ground floor rooms and so it eats up too much space. The house has to work as it would in real life.  With the chimneys and fireplace on the side wall I think I can see how it will be furnished.

Dining table and six chairs if I can get small and dainty enough a demi-lune either side of the door with pillar mirrors above and a matching/co-coordinating pair of something something on them.  Failing that purchase (or make) I'll settle for two vases and flowers (again!!) 

I am collecting pictures in the Reference file as I go along - click on the link on the left if you want a look at some thinking behind the rooms.


  1. I am following your build with interest! I love French homes, and it is interesting to watch your progress, planning and thoughts!

  2. Pretty much all you are getting right now - a ton of 'thinking' - it will get more interesting I promise...... eventually. I am araid this French home will be very English as it will be the typical retired English retreat! Not well versed enough in the French vernacular to do it justice as a French home. Also the ones we knew were very 'stuck in the fifties to seventies' so not especially pleasing to our eyes. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. Marilyn