Thursday, 25 September 2014

The salon and the chimneys

I hope these couple of photos demonstrate my deliberations about the Salon furniture and therefore the chimney position.

With the chimneys where they are this is where the fireplace should go but I think it makes for difficult furnishing unless there is something I am just not seeing.  Ideally we need the back of the settee to the viewer so that it is facing the fire and then two chairs either side/corner.  I am not happy with opening a miniature and looking at the back of something so I thought I could have a pair of settees (these are stand-ins of course, not ones I would use).  Now what else could you do with the room - one large piece of furniture ont he right hand wall opposite the door and maybe a coffee table.  Somehow that jars and kind of 'modern'.

With the chimneys moved to the side walls along witht he fireplaces we can have the more traditional arrangment which then gives the option of a fine tall piece (I have seen a Chinese cabinet somewhere that I like) on the back wall, facing the viewer which can be filled with interesting things to look at.  The arrangement will spread further forward - my jig is too small to let me do that here. there will be room for a piece of furniture under the window on the fourth wall - dresser of some sort with a vase of flowers and some silver.

The salon isn't the room that really demands the chimney change as I could manage it if I had to; but the dining room really needs it as I would like a connecting door in there through to the kitchen at the back.

Have a look tomorrow.

I am collecting pictures in the Reference file as I go along - click on the link on the left if you want a look at some thinking behind the rooms.

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