Sunday, 28 September 2014

Organisation - A5 ring binder

I have sixteen vendor's lists on the go right now

Do as I say not as I do.......

Somewhere in my recent trawling I saw and momentarily considered ordering a really nice Chinese wall cabinet for the salon in Les Roches.  I broke my own rule and didn't bother writing it down and now can't remember where I saw it.

What I try to do is this.....

I jot down anything and everything that has the slightest chance of ever being wanted - on a scrap of paper, or a note on ipad or computer, or just simply bookmark it on the computer.  Even better, when I am pretty sure I want it but not just yet, I make a note in my portable brain - aka an A5 ring binder.  

This is my four-year old friend and constant companion (other than my husband).

In respect of 'maybe items' I have a page for each vendor and just make a note of what I saw.  I go back and cull the lists now and then.  When there is something I really, really want I already have a list prepared of everything I want from them.  If they are things that can wait then the list grows over time until it is worth paying the delivery charge.

It is also there when a show comes up and I can pre-order from them or at least know what I want in advance. 

It works like a charm if you remember to do it.

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