Saturday, 13 September 2014

Finding inspiration

I spend a huge amount of time at the beginning of a project scouting around for images to give me ideas for what I want to do.  I do have a vague notion in my head but it needs the detail.

Initially, of course, it is the building itself.

So for anyone about to start a Petit Palais here's a link to my Reference folder.  There are a gazillion photographs of Maisons de Maître on Google images that have the window configuration of PP - I have only copied a handful because in those was the one I knew I would be doing.

It is a house in the Berry area of France where we once had a home.

It has the correct façade, I like the simple lines and colours and it has the chimneys where mine will be.  I am shifting them to the side elevations.  This will not be quite as cute as PP's arrangement but it means I can get fireplaces on side walls rather than inner walls.  If the fireplaces go on the central walls the seating sort of has its back to you.  The real houses (as you will see) have the chimneys pretty much in either position - maybe slightly more with the chimneys on the sides.

My maison will be the front slice of the traditional four rooms on every level arrangement.  

Bottom right room - le salon (what would once have been le bureau)

Invisible back right room - the door at the back of the hall (hope I can get it in????)  would lead to a more casual sitting room with TV etc (we can't see it of course!)

Bottom left room - salle à manger - again a formal room - with a connecting door to the large kitchen.

Invisible back left room - this is the kitchen which would accommodate the everyday dining table and chairs and also connects to the casual sitting room.  The back of the house (south facing) is where we spend most of our time - large French windows opening out on to the garden.  Shame you can't see it.

Upstairs right room - study

Invisible back right room - the door at the back of the hall leads to the guest bedroom and bathroom

Upstairs left room - master bedroom with connecting door to a bathroom - above the kitchen (water connections must work).  This will be a large bathroom but there is still plenty of room left over to give up some of its space to providing a small en suite bathroom to the Guest bedroom that is the back right room.

Not too sure about the loft rooms yet........

- craft/sewing area (not sure I want to work up there)
- independent flat for a young couple who take care of the house and grounds in exchange for the accommodation - quite fancy that idea.
- artists studio - nice setting to do but abysmal light to paint in!

Feel free to vote or come up with other suggestions.


  1. We have been thinking along very similar lines for Petit Palais! And I too did a heap of research first, especially since I haven't had the advantage of living in France for a while like you. I have constructed mine and am ready to wallpaper the interior but am waiting for the lighting to arrive - will be making the chandeliers for it when I find my supplies ;)

    1. Ooooh, err making chandeliers - any chance of sharing and showing me/us your PP? Are you in The Beehive Group? marilyn