This house has three names: architecturally it is a Maison de Maître; the locals call it Les Roches as this was the name of the family who had it built in 1900 and lived there for a hundred years; its current owners call it their Petit Palais (en France). 

It is a house in a small town in the Indre département (Berry province) and has been bought and renovated by Beatrice and Anthony, an English couple, who hope to live there when they retire.

There is also a young French couple from the town who live in the attic apartment rent free in exchange for keeping an eye on the place when Bea and Tony aren't there.  They also help out with the cleaning and cooking.  Lucien is a freelance journalist and Matilde works in the Hôtel de ville (Town Hall) in Châteauroux.

The English owners have an eclectic style of furnishing and decorating, especially in the eyes of their French neighbours who think they are typical 'crazy' Anglais.  This allows them to, grudgingly, like them.

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