Saturday, 4 October 2014

Vendors - D & K Enterprises and Micro-Mark

English country garden in France????

My first buy from D and K Enterprises and I can't sing their praises enough.  I was a right faffing about customer and they were patient, helpful and prompt - what more could you ask for.  Here is the result - masses of petals and leaves and a few stems with the wild hope of my being able to produce a teeny bit of landscaping (not planning on using all this in one go) around the house and a vase or two of flowers.

guess which are my four

The other is from Micro-Mark which is somewhere I have shopped before and I can't recommend them highly enough either.  On this occasion I wanted a special offer they had on but it was a couple of days too early for posting it to me here - no problem - the order was accepted, charged at the discount prices and then sat on for a few days.

I bought some other stuff from Micro-Mark too but that was for The Gate House .  Click if you want to take a look at that; but these little people were for Les Roches.  Meet:

First from left:  Lucien - half of the young 'caretaker' couple
Third from left:  Beatrice - the English wife
Fourth from left:  Anthony - the English husband
Fifth from left:  Matilde - the other half of the French couple

It is a whole other world in my head ...... spooky music.....

If you don't find quarter scale woman too disturbing......

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  1. That's a lot of tiny flowers. You will be very busy!

    1. It might be a lot of tiny flowers looking for a new home when I give it a try. I should have put a toothpick in the photo for scale - they are INCREDIBLY tiny and I am hoping to construct roses a petal at a time..... yeah!!!! Watch this space. Need to find some flower making instructions????? Thanks for popping in, Marilyn

  2. Thanks so much for the link to these, it will certainly be less expensive than buying the kits I have been buying up till now - and I've kept the instructions for each flower so that will help me make a variety of them.

    1. You are very welcome. I thought they were a good price but am doing battle with never have done this before so am just 'copying' real life flowers which is proving to be a nightmare. If you go up a couple of days from here you can see my efforts and have a laugh and understand why I think your work is just astonishing. Marilyn