Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Treats - Suzanne and Andrews Miniatures

Away with the practical and on with the dreamy things....

Here are some purchases from Suzanne and Andrews Miniatures

The first is very simply some lovely detailed (deliberately large door handles).  Painted with brass paint they are perfect for a pub or shop or similar premises.  Not sure now I have them (and yes, I love them) that they will be right for my French front door as I had planned, but I do have a cunning plan to make them cast iron and use them in the Gate House instead.

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This is a clock which is just perfect for Les Roches.  I  just need to do a bit of research for the finish for it.

This is a very pretty selection of rugs printed on a nice weight cotton and will do well in all sorts of places.

I was looking forward to getting these as I am making flowers right now and I thought I would mass geraniums in them.  I still might but I am now considering other possibilities such as tall English lavender (the kit is in UK) or a couple of bay or olive topiaries - still to be figured out.

I saved the best, or maybe the most interesting, 'til last.  Their Lapin Sauté (leaping rabbit kits are based around a real restaurant of that name in Quebec which has a garland of terra cotta pots.  S & A have made it their own with a green garland hung with kitchen pots and pans.

This is great for me.  I want a bunch of kitchen stuff just to have in my stash ready for any project so all this will come in really handy and I want to make climbing roses or clematis on a trellis (or two) and I think the leafy swag is going to be perfect.  So as far as I am concerned I have three kits here for $10.  Good stuff.....  Oh, nearly forgot there is a useful piece of wood in there too.

For those of you who like useless information the name of the real restaurant is probably a play on the words of a children's rhyme/game/song.  Obviously they also offer rabbit dishes (sauté de lapin etc) but the name of the restaurant must evoke memories of the playground game of Le Lapin Sauté for some French people?

Le petit lapin or Le Lapin Sauté (The Little Rabbit)
Ronde à choix (Circle Game)
Un petit lapin est au centre de la ronde et les danseurs tournent autour de lui en chantant: (A little rabbit is in the center of the circle and the other children go around him singing:)
Mon petit lapin a bien du chagrin (My little rabbit is very sad)
Il ne saute plus, ne danse plus dans mon jardin (He no longer hops, no longer dances in my garden)
Puis la ronde s’arrête et les danseurs poursuivent la chanson en frappant dans leurs mains, tandis que le petit lapin se met à sauter au centre. (Then the children stop dancing around, and continue singing and clapping their hands and the little rabbit in the middle starts hopping.)
Saute, saute, saute, mon petit lapin (Hop, hop, hop, my little rabbit)
Et va-vite embrasser quelqu’un (And go quickly kiss someone)
Sur cette invitation, le petit lapin choisit un (ou une) des danseurs, l’embrasse et celui-ci le remplace dans le rôle du lapin au centre de la ronde. (At this invitation, the little rabbit chooses one of the other children , kisses him/her and that child takes the role of rabbit in the center.)

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