Friday, 10 October 2014


As you saw from my petal purchase I want to have a go at making a couple of vases of flowers and some indoor potted plants and a couple of things for outside, so I thought I would start with half a dozen roses, but I think I am approaching quarter scale flowers the wrong way.  If I was making 1/12th this is what I would do - and is what I have done so far for this attempt but, as I said, I can't see it working in this scale.

In twelfths I just measure the life-size thing, work out what it will be at 1/12th and crack on replicating it the best I can.  Here's the resulting exercise for a rose from life to 1/48th.

photo so I know how they look in a vase

photo of a bud

photo of a bloom

photo of a whole stem to measure

As you can see, in the diagram below, the converted measurements are nightmarishly small.  I don't reckon I can work below 1/16th inch so I am OK with compromising the accuracy a little.  Even then, how realistic is it to construct a rose at this level?  I am about to find out - watch this space.

click on photo to enlarge

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