Monday, 13 October 2014

Goodies from the Betterleys

I know I am on a non-stop spending spree right now but I am using funds I already have in a dollar account from stuff I sold here last year and monies from some 1/12th stuff I sold before leaving the UK.  So when you hear me pleading poverty and then see this lot day after day, that's why.

We may also be giving up our second (winter) home here this season so I am garnering as much as I can of the US stuff in case that happens.

So ... my Betterley package arrived...... don't forget, you can click on the photo to enlarge if you want a better look....  or a betterley look....

To go at the foot of the bed in Les Roches if there is enough room.

Looks like a Les Roches piece but may end up here in the Gate House????

You've seen these before.  This is just a restock of useful stuff.

I thought I was buying a little plastic machine; this is a kit.  That should be fun - no really - that should be fun.

Useful 'grasscloth' paper for baskets and boxes

A really nice creamy/faded toile for Les Roches bedroom

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