Friday, 5 December 2014

Quarter scale tiles

I have found the most wonderful tiles (and flooring) in quarter scale.

The vendor is an arm of Ann Marie Miniatures in the UK.  Dollhouse Flooring (Graham Simpkin).  They post worldwide for $4.

As many of you know I arrived back in the UK yesterday and in my mountain of mail was a little padded envelope containing these:

loose laid to show roughly what they will look like

to give you a sense of scale - they are 12 inch tiles in real life

the white marble I chose has a slight sheen

the contrast I chose is a biscuit coloured marble

I also have some cut diagonally across to make a triangular border around the edge of the room.  They are not destined for the opening in the Gate House as shown here but are for the entrance hall in Les Roches.  I began with the traditional black and white and then grey and white and then decided I wanted the house to feel light and warm and sunny so here we are.

The thinness of the material (a laminate) is perfect for the job.  I just love them and expect to love them more when they are all stuck down.

Take a minute to check the site there is masses and masses of choice of colours, patterns, materials, layouts - there has to be something you want.  I can see a zillion potential floors already for houses I haven't dreamed of yet.

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